10 most underrated hulk villains 

The leader

The leader is in a very strange place in the Hulk mythos. Redditor COSMIC_PLAUG3 Laments the lock of the Leader in the MCU on this post



Mad-Man was no mere mindless monster since he was actually Bruce Banner's peer and classmate




The Ringmaster is one of the Hulks most unorthodox villains in the Hulk's gallery 


Mister Hyde

Mister Hyde is a fantastic bruiser with a rich history that connects him to the Hulk making him Hulk's oldest villain, both figuratively and literally   


Bi Beast 

Bi Beast is an enormous android with two heads that was created by an Avian race of inhumans



Disney+'s Werewolf by night is introducing the concept of cursed fury monsters


The U-Foe

The U-Foe are a team dedicated to take down the Hulk with a fascinating origin story 



In the current age of nostalgia bait, Xemmu would be the perfect villain to step foot into the MCU



With the Hulk's self hatred, it was only a matter of time before he literally fought himself


Brian Banner

Many comic fans have pointed out Hulk's biggest villain was never any external 

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